Owned and Operated by R V'ERS for R V'ERS

as we starterd R V'ing ourselves in 1999

We Value our Customers

Over the years our customers have come from all around Southern Idaho, the Wood River Valley from Bellevue to Ketchum, and depending on their situations, customers from the states of, Oregon, Utah, Wyoming, Nevada, Colorado, and Indiana. We have also had travelers here visiting the United States from Canada, and also two separate couples from Australia whom became customers before they flew back home to return later and continue their U.S. journeys. We continue to strive to and to satisfy all our customers with cooperation, courtesy, and person to person communication.


Claiborns are wonderful to work with always taking care of us.

Bob and Lynda, 
Twin Falls, ID

We have stored here for years and we won’t consider anywhere else.

Tim and Kim, 
Hailey, ID

We stored a number of years with Kirk and Bev, coming out every summer to enjoy Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountains for several months.

William and Gena,
Bloomington, IN